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Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting treatment by Zeltiq, also known as Fat Freeze is a cool laser body sculpting method of weight management. It is a non-invasive, clinically proven way to naturally remove stubborn fat from body. It specifically targets that stubborn fat in body (eg belly fat) which doesn’t respond to diet or exercise.

Are you suffering from modest size fat bulges?

Modest sized fat bulges…don’t worry…go for coolsculpting treatment. In this treatment, team of weight management experts works on desired area of fat reduction using specially designed cooling applicator cups. These cups, with a cooling effect, extract energy from underlying fat tissues. This process does not cause any damage to other tissues.

How does work?

The body sculpting treatment is done using an applicator cup, which uses a gentle vaccumm pressure. It draws the tissue between cooling panels. Cooling and elimination of energy, leads to natural cell death of fat cells. It can reduce the fat layer by 25%. The fat cells get slowly and naturally eliminated, hence the procedure is very safe and has long lasting effect.


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