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How We SENS it

We believe that ‘safety comes first’. REVA is the first aesthetics clinic in India to acquire a BBL Sciton Laser. It is the safest and most advanced laser for treating all skin colors. We also have the most advanced and superior technology introduced for the first time in the Indian aesthetic industry


All programs are carried out in 3 simple steps:

SENS-ing our mind body and soul

Step 1: Measure

Measure is divided into three parts along the time-tested manner familiar to all doctors.

Part One: Historical Assessment

Part Two: Physical Assessment

Part Three: Diagnostic Assessment

All biomarkers and health indicators are automatically loaded onto the Lifetime Health Assessment and Monitoring Program (LAMP)

Step 2: Mentor

‘Going back in Time’ 

Post the monitoring stage, our team of experts bring together the best of science and traditional functional medicine to design and draft a Lifestyle – charting your way into a healthy Future.


Step 1: Assessment of your profile

Step 2 : Diagnosis – Identify the Actual Age vs. The Biological Age – Biomarkers for Identifying Toxins in Blood – BMI & Fat Analysis – Testing of Heavy Metal Content – Standard Blood & Hormone Analysis – Genetic Testing – Biospace – EKG – Pulse Wave velocity – Cardio Metabolic Risk Score (LAMP)

Step 3 : Monitoring through LAMP Software developed by Tactio in France, using the tools of wearable technology and measuring device to monitor daily & Hourly Progress.

Step 4 : The Adoption of an INTEGRAL Approach for an Anti – Aging Program.

Step 3 : Monitor


All of your health data are uploaded onto the ‘cloud’ as part of your LIFETIME HEALTH ASSESSMENT AND MONITORING PROGRAM (LAMP). Smart phones are the main driver of m-Health. Mobility will put clients in control.

Data can be loaded 24/7 by the client and have it sent to our Dashboard that enables our Doctor to provide timely feedback to the client to optimize his or her program. All data is collected in a confidential manner. In addition, ‘alarms’ will only be sent to our Doctor when clients exceed ranges which have been set for them.

SENS Clinic provides proactive health screening and diagnostics to uncover risks for the major lethal diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune disease etc. at the earliest time in order to halt and reverse these killers. Programs are offered to all individuals over the age of 45 years and especially to those with a family history of heart disease, cancer or autoimmune disease.


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